PT. Daiyo Multi Fastech is a distributor and retailer in fasteners.


Kompleks Ruko Kusuka, Jl. Raya Cikarang-Cibarusah Blok I/F, Cikarang Selatan, Bekasi 17550, Indonesia (021) 8990-8608 (021) 8990-8609


About us


PT. Daiyo Multi Fastech is a fastener retailer and wholesaler company incorporated in Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia in 2014 serving companies nationwide and internationally.

Our team includes Fastener Specialists and has more than 30 years of fastener industry experience ranging from screws, rivets, washers, pins with materials from carbon steel, stainless steel, nylon, PVC, copper, and hot-dip galvanized for customers from across fields: oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturers, automotive, spare parts, and more.

We are committed to exceeding customer standards for quality, customer service and continuous improvement. Our sister company, PT Multi Baja Fastindo, holds authorized distributor licenses from SANKO, WTI, ABLOY, “THE” AND “TONG”, KEF, and NORD-LOCK.


Our goal is to become a company who provides high quality products, serve customers with great service, and continuously improve ourselves.

Products that we offer fulfill international standards (DIN, ANSI, JIS, etc.) Our products come from legitimate manufacturers who fulfill the international standards of tensile strength, yield strength, and material composition. Our customers have proven our quality value and trusted PT Multi Baja Fastindo as their fastener supplier. We will never offer low quality fasteners to the customer who needs high quality one. Mill Certificate are available upon request.

We commit to give our utmost great service by understanding our customers need, providing alternatives/solutions, and building a long-term relationship with our customers. We hope that we can give higher expectation to our customers. Our commitment: We invest in people.

We always strive for our best. However, we will keep improving ourselves to provide better business experience, and to provide more high quality products.

Michael B. Bair, Boeing Vice President

"...fasteners which comprise approximately 3% of the total cost of an aircraft, would become such an issue" "We're getting down to the point that every part, even a bolt, is important